If you only want to make a reservation for an Eduspace room, please fill in the booking form below.

To book a room with equipment, you can add list of equipments to a booking form.
We also offer the possibility to first add devices that interest you to the cart to simplify the process.
Then select the cart and press Proceed to checkout. A booking form will open, which we ask you to fill in.


    Purpose of booking: *
    If the student needs to rent the equipment for research, it is necessary to make a reservation by the lecturer.
    Study workResearchProjectContinuing educationAcquaintance with laboratory and equipmentOther

    Please indicate the need for room and equipment: *
    I want to use EDUSPACE room and equipment.I only want to use EDUSPACE equipment.I only want to use the EDUSPACE room.Don't know yet, I want to consult.

    Number of participants:
    EDUSPACE is optimal for up to 20 people, but can accommodate up to 25 people if needed.

    If you want to use the equipment, please read about the equipment collection in advance. The collection contains more than 150 different items, divided into 7 categories: research equipment (voice recorder, video camera, etc.), tablets, virtual reality, pre-school and primary school educational robots and STEAM learning tools, secondary school educational robots/electronics sets, high school educational robots, sensors.
    If you know the exact need, please enter the desired equipment with the number. If not yet, we will explain the best solution in consultation.

    Please write DATE and TIME when you want to use the room and/or equipment. If you need to use multiple times, please indicate all dates and timeframes:

    Do you also need assistance from the technical support person when using the room?
    I need assistance getting started and endingI need assistance throughout the use of the roomNo need for assistancePS. Assistance is possible at 9:00-17:00

    Full name: *

    Your role in University: *

    If you are outside the university, please specify the organization or project:

    E-mail address: *

    Phone no: *

    Additional information:
    If possible, please indicate the name of the event or in which event you want to use the laboratory. If you want to book a laboratory for study, please indicate the subject code.

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