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 Project Duration 01.09.2021-31.08.2023


Technology-Enchanced Language Learning: research instrument and design development by interdisciplinary research team

This systematic empirical research aims to investigate what factors can enhance language learning via the use of technology. The research is designed by interdisciplinary research team from Language, Education and Technology fields.


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The problem is approached from the perspective of Foreign language learner, involving teachers in research design and data collection. One of the goals of this project is to design TELL (Technology-enhanced language learning) based on ICAP model of Cognitive engagement and Active learning, aiming to scaffold students’ self-regulation and students’ agency. Analysis of cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies will allow to better understand the mechanism of TELL.

  Research Group:


Aleksandra Ljalikova
TÜHI-HTI  – Associate Professor of French Didactics, Head of the Project




Kätlin Vanari
HTI - Junior Research Fellow, Project Manager



Aigi Heero
TÜHI - Associate Professor of German and Didactics




Kairit Tammets
DTI - Professor of Technology-Enhanced Learning




Merilyn Meristo
TÜHI - Associate Professor of French



Tiina Anspal
HTI - Lecturer of School Pedagogy




Terje Väljataga
HTI - Associate Professor in New Learning Environments and Technologies



Linda Helene Sillat
DTI - Head, Visiting Research Fellow in Learning Technology



   Master degree students:

Alisa Altan
Teacher of Foreign Language


Jelisaveta Jepifanova
Teacher of Foreign Language
(French and English)


Mari-Liis Kurvits
Teacher of Foreign Language
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