EDUSPACE wants to enter the educational technology market, where so far there are few evidence-based products and services. Companies and start-ups producing digital solutions and STEAM learning tools want to adapt products and services successfully in their business environment for the education sector but they have little experience and opportunities to cooperation with educational institutions. They also have no direct contact with the end users of educational products: students and teachers to conduct a joint product development process. In this situation, a university is suitable for them, which ensures that the product developed within the framework of the partnership between university and business schools is compatible with the curriculum (e.g. pre-school group nature studies) or with the professional development of teachers (e.g. the development of teachers' digital competence based on the DigCompEdu framework).

With the support of the pilot service, a prototype of the educational service will be created, which will help to better introduce Estonian nature to students at the level of primary and secondary education through augmented reality. In cooperation with Mobi Lab, the target group of the sample product is 6-7-year-old children.
The target group of the service developed by EDUSPACE is all the start-up companies or companies producing educational technology that want to know:

  • How do target groups use the product or service for their educational purpose?
  • What are the target group ratings for the product or does the product help to achieve the learning goals?

You can find information about the new and exciting Augmented Reality Game, born between the Institute of Educational Sciences of Tallinn University, EDUSPACE, EXU and MobiLab, a joint cooperation project here.

Cooperation partners: Mobi Lab
Financer: Tallinn University Research Foundation
Period: 2020

See also ETV Terevisioon program about augmented reality game created in cooperation between Tallinn University and MobiLab (in estonian):

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