We offer companies development and applied research in the field of education and lifelong learning, with the aim of supporting the digital transformation of education.

In the direction of digital transformation, we collaborate with, for example, Demek CNC OÜ and Datel AS. We have cooperated with MobiLab OÜ and ALPA Kids OÜ, as well as with the international company TTS Group, which manufactures learning robotics equipment, in bringing digital teaching methods to pre-school education.

Here is an example of a service provided to Alpa Kids.


A two-stage pedagogical analysis of the games included in the Alpa Kids mobile application

The company's desire was to receive pedagogical evaluation and feedback on already created games in order to create and develop a personalized digital learning path based on them. The aim was to give a pedagogical assessment of the games in the Alpa Kids application by Tallinn University lecturers and researchers, and in cooperation with kindergartens and schools to play parts of the Alpa Kids mobile application and give them a pedagogical assessment by the active teacher.

Is the result of the work novel and in what way?
The approaches and teaching methods used in the application have been developed in cooperation with TU researchers and presented to the company in a form that allows them to be linked to the pre-primary education curriculum. To support the funtionality of the study path being created, the company has used the results of the pedagogical analysis both as an input to the personal study path and for the Base Camp hack.

What is the practical value of the work?
Pedagogical supplementation and development of scientifically supported pre-primary education material in the form of a mobile application. The application enables pre-school children to acquire knowledge based on play and significantly simplifies distance learning in primary education. At the same time, games played at different levels and the experience of success contribute to the development of a child's positive self-esteem.

Collaboration with Demek

Collaboration with Datel

Collaboration in the STEAM field

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