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Project duration 01.12.2021-31.01.2024

Erasmus+ CITIES GOING GREEN - Application for the Development of a Green City

CitiesGoGreen aim to bring together environmental education, the method of gamification and STEM as an educational

The main objectives of the project are the following::

To cultivate the environmental consciousness of pupils
together with other transversal skills and competences.

To develop a theoretical framework based on which it will
cultivate the environmental consciousness of primary school pupils of age 10-12 years.

To engage pupils with STEM and to develop the key skills of pupils through STEM.

To design a state of the art game that will combine

city, trees, lights-4986141.jpg

The objective of this project is to educate pupils in the age of 10-12 years old on the importance of being green, and demonstrating sincere interest in the environment. Through the project pupils will learn more about things like, circular economy, recycling and other important issues related to the protection of the environment.

Tallinn University project team:

Janika L.2

Janika Leoste
Associate Professor

Sirly Väät copy 3

Sirly Väät
Projects Coordinator, Eduspace lab Coordinator
Project EE team coordinator

Inge Timoštšuk

Inge Timoštšuk
Professor of Primary Education

Kaidi Nurmik

Kaidi Nurmik
Junior Research Fellow

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