Robobloq train


Wooden rails stacked rail and train that offers so much discovery and toy fun! The wooden rails are compatible with many other brands of rails, such as BRIO, IKEA or Thomas.
There are 19 color stickers for programming the train, each with its own function. Place the sticker where you want it and see what the train does when it crosses.

When crossing the sticker, the train detects its next action with the color sensor, eg turns right, plays music, or waits for 3 seconds – this is just the beginning! This same train can avoid obstacles and even follow your hand. You want the train to run faster, blow the whistle as if the train is leaving the station and see what happens!
Personalize your train by building LEGO blocks to suit you. Play with friends because it’s more fun in the company!

The train has a color, IR and sound sensor.

The set includes 24 wooden rails, locomotive, whistle, 4 sheets with 19 stickers.
The train runs on 3x AAA batteries
Suitable for ages 3+

Quantity: 1 pc


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