Go and Glow Bot


Meet our multi-sensory, rechargeable robot Go and Glow Bot which will captivate young children’s interest as they plan its illuminated movements and adventures, whilst laying firm technological foundation skills.
This highly interactive, engaging robot has simple, clear and literal controls that, when pressed, are tactile, colourful, illuminated and create sounds, enabling the child to make key connections about cause and effect. You can switch it to different settings, removing the sound effects. You can have it on dance mode where the children can move about, mimicking the robot’s actions. It can be limited to simple movements or to a string of ten commands.

3 Modes
Rechargeable, charges with a USB cable for continued usage for up to 2 hours
Bot stops automatically when picked up
Height:10 cm
Length:28.5 cm
Width:27 cm

Ages: 1+

Quantity: 1pc

Source: Info, photos and videos Insplay.eu


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