BBC micro:bit Kitronik Move


Kitronik: MOVE robotics kit for the BBC micro: bit minicomputer is a fun way to develop basic skills in robotics. The robot must be pre-assembled.

: The MOVE two-wheel robot can be controlled remotely or moved autonomously, eg the robot can be controlled via a Bluetooth application using another micro: bit minicomputer or programmed in another desired way.

: The MOVE robot has 360-degree rotating servomotors. The speed of the servomotors can be controlled using the servo programming blocks or the Servo: Lite board in Microsoft MakeCode Block. The robot has 5 individual RGB ZIP LEDs that can be used as indicators, reversing lights, etc. It is possible to attach a drawing tool to the robot, then the robot can be programmed to draw shapes.

On Kitronik’s website you will find instructions and materials for using the kit, eg how to program a robot to draw shapes, how to program ZIP LED lights, how to control a robot over a Bluetooth application, how to use another micro: bit minicomputer to control a robot, etc.

Quantity: 1 pc


Source: Info and photo


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