Sphero Specdrums


Sphero Specdrums are tablet or phone-controlled rings (set includes 2 pcs) that turn colors into music. By touching different colors with rings, you can create music anywhere, making the world your own musical instrument.

Attach the rings to Specdrums MIX app and touch your clothes, drawings or the included play mat. Each touch of color brings out sound or rhythm on your smart device. In the application you can choose different music styles, but you can also record your own sound or rhythm behind each color.

With Specdrums Music app, you can create music in the classroom, studio, or on the go. All skill levels, from curious children to experienced musicians, can create their own masterpieces with hundreds of musical instruments, drum kits and other sounds.

The ring has an accelerometer that detects touches and a light sensor that detects thousands of colors. The rings use a Bluetooth LE connection.

Usage time: 2h
Charging time: 1h

Age: 6+
Quantity: 2 sets


Source: Info and photos Insplay.eu


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