Sphero RVR


Sphero RVR is a new revolutionary programmable robot. RVR is suitable for both children who are starting programming and those who are already advanced. RVR is a great prototyping tool because it is compatible with third-party hardware such as micro: bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Sphero LittleBits. Download Sphero Edu to control or program RVR.

The RVR has off-road tires, a powerful engine and torque to drive faster and farther. Obstacles or uneven surfaces do not affect the RVR’s ability to drive straight.

The robot has a color sensor, light sensor, infrared sensor and a universal 4-pin port, which expands the possibilities of use and makes learning creative and fun.

Instructions and project ideas for connecting to third-party hardware can be found here.
Quantity: 2 pcs


Source Info and photos Insplay.eu


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