Easi-Scope Wireless Microscope with Screen


Handheld, portable and with a built-in screen, children can easily see their magnified images through this simple to use device, whether in the classroom or out in the school gardens.

This wireless digital handheld microscope can be controlled from a tablet or phone with the Xploview app.

Allows to magnify 43 times and is rechargeable via USB. The microscope comes with its own LED light system. Works up to 10m. You can record videos or photos with a single scroll key.

How to connect Easi-Scope microscope to a tablet, phone or computer?

Search the Play Store or App Store and download the “xploview” app. In the settings, open a window with visible wifi networks. Connect to the network “xploview_xxxxxx” and enter the password 12345678. Images can be taken through the software or using the button on the microscope.

Videos can only be saved through the software (with the button in the top menu bar). Pictures and videos are automatically saved in the “My Documents” Xploview folder.

Find out what magnifying looks on skin, lips, trimmings, hair, stones, leaves, branches, soil, metal, fabrics. What do they remind you? The aim is to support the understanding of the surrounding world, to develop observation and documentation skills.

Usage time: up to 1.5 hours

User manual

Quantity: 1 pcs


Source: Info and photos Insplay.eu


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